A Long Way to Fall – SHORT STORY

“Why didn’t he just kill himself?” They raised a knowing eyebrow, concentrating on the ‘road’ as the headlights shot the dark until it bled halogen. “Well?” “Honour.” That one word killed the noise of the car as they flew away from Osaka into the mountains, a myriad of searching lights behind them spat from the… Continue reading A Long Way to Fall – SHORT STORY

The Big Lonely – SHORT STORY

      I WAS MASSIVE. No mirror was big enough, although I found the reflection of the Pacific Ocean during a full moon captured me best. In a day I would stomp from continent to continent, looking for enemies - enemies that might become friends. Why was I so big? I could never know. People ran… Continue reading The Big Lonely – SHORT STORY

Cloud Breaker IX Finale – SHORT STORY

     AS THE WIND shrieked hellish past the gap in the glass, I fumbled in my pockets for more red shells, reloading the shot guns once more, as Mike stood looking at the square shaped abyss, signs of life in him yet, if only the look of fear. I strung the guns together with the… Continue reading Cloud Breaker IX Finale – SHORT STORY


THE WEEKLY SIX returns, like a villain that can't be killed from the movies. Indulge yourself on the following diet stories: Roadkill taxidermist. Secret museum of people. “Listen! King Kong, please, come down…” An angel fell. From floor 64. Empty bodybag. They had escaped again. The rain tasted like…like blood. It was me or the… Continue reading Weekly Six XV – SIX WORD STORIES

A Simple Question – SHORT STORY

“What is the scariest film you’ve ever seen?” Their question lingered like cigar smoke in an old man’s bar evoking a smell not as sweet, forcing me to choke on the inside on a malodorous stench as soon as they finished speaking. The answer they were looking for was an 18+, by director X, detailing… Continue reading A Simple Question – SHORT STORY

Blobular Eclipse – SHORT STORY

     IT CAME FROM outer space, and it was hungry! Really hungry! Nobody could have predicted it. Of course every prophet on earth said they'd had visions, and before you knew it parents were forcing their children to draw pictures of the monster after it’s arrival, as if they too had premonitions of such an… Continue reading Blobular Eclipse – SHORT STORY


     WHEN HE WALKED the earth all living things hid and cowered. Worms burrowed deeper, birds escaped in thick treacle air on unnatural migrations, animals and humans alike retreated to dens, caves, jungles and brick homes, curtains closed, lights off, breathing quietly. Street lamps died when he came near, crashing power grids, sending hamlets, villages,… Continue reading Spectre – SHORT STORY


  Modern horror. Power button pressed. Nothing. Nobody heard it. I did. Always. Plot twist: killed with a book. Cyborg seeks similar. Personality totally unnecessary. Music up, windows down! Then airbags.. They quit smoking, ‘day they died. House key didn’t fit: did earlier…