Writing: Originality vs Formula

     I FEEL THAT the writing process is a continual conflict between being original and retreading old ground. The catch is, that nothing is truly original. In music the same notes are used over and over again just in different combinations. Luckily with the English language we have hundreds of thousands of ways to tell… Continue reading Writing: Originality vs Formula

Likes and Comments: Are They Working?

JUST A BRIEF POST. A fellow blogger said the Like and Comment features weren't working on WordPress mobile on this site. Anyone else have similar issues? I know from time to time WordPress is very glitchy, although generally I have zero issue when browsing blogs on the laptop, but using a tablet does give me… Continue reading Likes and Comments: Are They Working?

A Ramble on Writing: Thoughts and Things

...WRITER'S NEED INSPIRATION; conversations, observations, images, thoughts, feelings. Inevitably we run low on it from time to time. You've all seen the innumerable quotes littering the web by Author X or Author Y on how they write, what their routine is, the witty remarks captured on photographic backgrounds and they help, they do. But not… Continue reading A Ramble on Writing: Thoughts and Things

Not So Much Writer’s Block More Writer’s Freeze

...ANYONE ELSE GET THIS? Maybe this terror of going over a word limit began at university with 2000 word limits on essays. I get the freeze when I'm writing a short story. Maybe freeze isn't a great word for it but I'll explain. Sometimes I will be writing a piece and I'm so conscious of… Continue reading Not So Much Writer’s Block More Writer’s Freeze

Writing: Is It a Case of Choose a Genre?

...THE MOST SUCCESSFUL authors, regardless of how they are perceived on their craft, all seem to have specified writing, sticking to a genre at least until they were so well known they felt comfortable releasing books in alternate genres. Firstly, the chances of me becoming as successful as the well known names of writing are… Continue reading Writing: Is It a Case of Choose a Genre?

Taking a Little Burden Off: Reading

...IT'S TRUE WHAT they say. Reading fuels writing. Yesterday I burnt a book and felt alive, vibrant, immediately filled with creativity and desire to write! I jest. But it is very easy to fall out of reading when concentrating on writing. Failing to read would be like a musician not listening to music. A director… Continue reading Taking a Little Burden Off: Reading

Short Story Submission Sucks Spectacularly

ALLITERATION. OH YEAH!!! In the process of writing the word 'submission' seems highly apt. We as writers cower and fret over the quality of our writing, praying, wishing and hoping the dark editorial overlords will accept us for who we are, for what we have produced. In a way it is sadomasochistic, because depending on… Continue reading Short Story Submission Sucks Spectacularly

Writing is Simple. Am I lying?

...WELL IT IS simple, but a writer can never stop writing. Rewards are fleeting and few (so far). Once one project is done, it's on to the next. Calling myself a writer still feels fraudulent however. The book I have been editing as of late I will be trying to get published: as yet untitled.… Continue reading Writing is Simple. Am I lying?