Around the World by Horse and Caravan: A Record Breaking Journey

I've been holding this story back awhile - non-fiction this time. Originally an attempt at getting the journey below into Wikipedia the resulting article is what you see. I went on this record breaking journey around the world with my family by horse and caravan starting in 1990. The First Around the World by Horse Drawn… Continue reading Around the World by Horse and Caravan: A Record Breaking Journey

A Tentative Return

THAT'S THE SITE back online. I hope all you regulars are still blogging away. Four months since my last post. Time flies - or flew - for one reason or another. Not sure how many people still visit, but seems like WordPress has updated itself a bit and already I feel a bit lost. Not much a… Continue reading A Tentative Return

Writing, Now and Then

      WHAT WAS WRITING like in the pre-sixties, seventies even? Before everything electronic took over. Perhaps you can enlighten me. Through nostalgia's telescope, a history emerges of writers who diligently hammered away on typewriters to the sounds of pings with no other inanimate distraction than a landline. I think on what it might have been… Continue reading Writing, Now and Then

There Is No Original

Ever get into this writing headspace? I can't do that, nope, that's been done before....that's been done before...and that's been done before... andddd I'm going to watch Youtube videos I didn't even want to watch, recommended to me so kindly by algorithms. When I was younger I was slightly obsessed with originality. If someone copied… Continue reading There Is No Original

The End is Near

And so I face...the final draft is not how Frank Sinatra sang that line. Ever get to the stage in a writing project when all the little details seem to merge into one? I'm sitting around 80k words and I know the ending which might take me up to 85k which is a good thing,… Continue reading The End is Near

Writing: To Describe, or Not to Describe?

      AS WRITER'S WE all have weaknesses and one of the aims in honing the craft is to strengthen them until they are as polished as possible. The weakest link metaphor is very pertinent in writing, mainly because it seems every writer I have ever read, and every book I have read has weaknesses, although… Continue reading Writing: To Describe, or Not to Describe?

Tarantino’s Masterpiece: Inglourious Basterds & Dialogue

      THE WORD MASTERPIECE is not used lightly. Few things from any field can be considered to be one (I'm trying not to sound pretentious here). A masterpiece is something timeless that lasts through the ages, retaining a freshness and awe, in line with the day it was created. Quentin Tarantino is a film maker… Continue reading Tarantino’s Masterpiece: Inglourious Basterds & Dialogue

Critical Mass: First Draft

      I'M AIMING FOR around 80,000 words on my first draft of Down To Earth (that leaves me 10k to add in). Currently I'm at seventy, and the story is at that critical stage where everything is starting to tie in. All the characters are arcing towards the finale and the plot is suddenly primed… Continue reading Critical Mass: First Draft