Cut n’ Paste Graphics

AND NOW FOR something completely different. The following pieces of 'art' - honestly, I'm not sure what to call them - were put together a few years back. In a small scrap book I cut and paste titles, lettering, graphics and pictures to create new themes and ideas, essentially remixing magazines, the same way a… Continue reading Cut n’ Paste Graphics

Big Trouble in Little Time – SHORT STORY

EVER WATCHED A kung-fu movie? I used to watch them a lot as a kid, loving the fantastical tales of redemption replete with bad dubbing, outrageous stunts and frequently outlandish deaths. I wrote my own. Sort of: . "He must die!" Wei Ping, the Golden Bear stood defiantly in the middle of Tu Langs modest… Continue reading Big Trouble in Little Time – SHORT STORY

The Sea Can Take – SHORT STORY

      SURFBOARD WASHED UP; broken. They were still catching waves, I was sure of that. No more paddling, just one grand wave, ever moving, never breaking. Of course the mind plays tricks, tries to convince us there's a life beyond life. It would be greedy, don't you think? One is enough. Some of us get… Continue reading The Sea Can Take – SHORT STORY


 WELCOME BACK TO the weekly six. And if it's your first time: welcome! Six words in total to tell a story. Why six you ask? Because five isn't enough. (Incidentally, Hemingway likely wasn't the genius behind the famous six word story about baby shoes):   Some circled. The rebellious vultures triangled. Dinner with parents. Thanks… Continue reading Weekly Six XVIII – SIX WORD STORIES

Writing, Now and Then

      WHAT WAS WRITING like in the pre-sixties, seventies even? Before everything electronic took over. Perhaps you can enlighten me. Through nostalgia's telescope, a history emerges of writers who diligently hammered away on typewriters to the sounds of pings with no other inanimate distraction than a landline. I think on what it might have been… Continue reading Writing, Now and Then

My Hornbill, My Only Hornbill – SHORT STORY

   HE STARTED CALLING me 'Hornbill ' recently. Probably for a couple of months now come to think of it, about the same time he started work on the basement. I never went down, it gave me the creeps. Can you believe that? A woman of forty scared of some stairs and the dark. Well… Continue reading My Hornbill, My Only Hornbill – SHORT STORY

WordPress App Issues

WordPress always works fine on the laptop. But every damn time WordPress updates their app for tablets something goes screwy. Anyone else have these issues?: I couldn't scroll down through my custom reader list beyond the top 20 posts. A whole bunch of blogs I never followed are now clogging up my custom reader list… Continue reading WordPress App Issues

Shortcuts – POEM

  I ASKED HER if she would be my shortcut, She nodded, on my eyeline, A shortcut, in itself, So, I knew we could be, Another short term couple, Deluded, love crazed, ...happiness only lasts six months. . We agreed to part on a given day, And never look back, Never call, Never reach out… Continue reading Shortcuts – POEM