Writing, Now and Then

      WHAT WAS WRITING like in the pre-sixties, seventies even? Before everything electronic took over. Perhaps you can enlighten me. Through nostalgia's telescope, a history emerges of writers who diligently hammered away on typewriters to the sounds of pings with no other inanimate distraction than a landline. I think on what it might have been… Continue reading Writing, Now and Then

Sci Fi Books of Another Era

        THE ABOVE BOOKS represent an entirely different era, of pulpy paperbacks and seeming editorial liberty, where 50p (approx 25c) could snag you a read in the sixties. I picked these up in a book shop (it was no coincidence) some while back and I'm going on a mini retro sci fi kick. Harry… Continue reading Sci Fi Books of Another Era

Those Were the Days – POEM

Jazz; mesmerising, as I watch, the vinyl spin, grooves filled in by, cigarettes smoked a century ago, the ash, A revolving reminder, that we all must, eventually go, But some, those precious souls, are immortal: inspiring, And I see listen or read; the show so beguiling, as if, their deaths could never be so. .… Continue reading Those Were the Days – POEM

Books vs Other Media

            WHEN I THINK of writing as a whole, I think of art, film and music as well. Each has a complimentary aspect to the writing craft. A picture can inspire a story. Even film at it's foundation is not the moving image, but the written script. Music can evoke emotions that can enhance… Continue reading Books vs Other Media

Books Don’t Break

      THE HUMBLE BOOK. Printed black text on paper. How archaic, how primitive and modest they are. Since popular novels have been in print the only change is in snazzier covers: apart from that three centuries of novelists have occupied shelves in the same format. But look at the changes in entertainment. First came the… Continue reading Books Don’t Break

A Critical Stage of Writing

      THERE COMES A point where writing a book becomes tricky. Starting is sometimes the difficult part for some, but once a really good idea sticks I find the initial outpouring of ideas into a new story world creates its own momentum blasting into space carrying everything with it. That spell of creativity is the… Continue reading A Critical Stage of Writing

Chasing Yesterday

Chasing yesterday Time has stolen her looks The mirror treats her, with disregard, She looks at it once, and it disappears in a blitz of shards So she doesn’t bother anymore, with the glitz and garb All that’s left are reminders of beauty in the films she’s starred, in Vanity consumes her daily, while unhappiness… Continue reading Chasing Yesterday