Cut n’ Paste Graphics

AND NOW FOR something completely different. The following pieces of 'art' - honestly, I'm not sure what to call them - were put together a few years back. In a small scrap book I cut and paste titles, lettering, graphics and pictures to create new themes and ideas, essentially remixing magazines, the same way a… Continue reading Cut n’ Paste Graphics


      A WEEK CAN fly by. How is that possible? I'm not here to debate time and existence or reality as we know it. Instead enjoy the six word stories inspired by Ernest Hemingway's, 'For sale: baby shoes, never worn' from the 1920's. As is frequently the case my stories are dark or horror in… Continue reading Weekly Six XXIV – SIX WORD STORIES

WordPress Starter Pack: Blog Tips

      FIRSTLY, THE ADVICE I suggest is to be taken as you please. Also long-term bloggers might not find much to get out of this. I have been blogging since 2013. That's three years of WordPress experience - not major, not minor - and I'd like to suggest some tweaks that will make your blogging… Continue reading WordPress Starter Pack: Blog Tips


THE WEEKLY SIX: It's back, alarmingly early, and you're excited. And if you never knew about it, you just didnt know why you were excited. I'm going to shut up now (in typing terms). Enjoy! (P.S. If you want to post your own six word story in the comments go for it.)   Shop lights… Continue reading Weekly Six XXIII – SIX WORD STORIES


      IF YOU'RE A regular (or a blogular...) you know the drill. If not, you'll soon see by diverting eyes downwards and reading left to right in a typical English fashion: One punch. Hospitalised. Boxing still. Still. Left for dead. Revenge…brr, so cold. Cutting, stacking, burning; The human sawmill. Carbon dated. It shouldn’t exist… Continue reading Weekly Six XXII – SIX WORD STORIES

Day Release – SHORT STORY

            HE SAT AND he wrote; books, poems and stories short. What nobody knew, is that he wrote more in his mind than ever hit paper or screen. Phantasmagoric lines, out of this world, yet not alien, each one that never made it to the physical world died, and went to a… Continue reading Day Release – SHORT STORY

A Bird in the Sky (Is Worth Most) – SHORT STORY

       A FAINT DING. Nothing more, nothing less. An error had clearly been made. On closer inspection a dazed bird had announced it’s arrival, lying atop concrete slabs on the other side of the glass slide-door. I went outside, softly, squatting near it, noting the spotted brown feathers of the young blackbird and unremarkable black… Continue reading A Bird in the Sky (Is Worth Most) – SHORT STORY


      SIX WORDS, NO more, no less. Shrunken stories shrivelled into a mere six words of the English language looking to tell a tale without so much as a paragraph (not to mention keeping me sharp on my roman numerals). Read away dear visitors, read away: Burnt love letters. The loneliest smoke. Cracked crockery. Domestic… Continue reading Weekly Six XIX – SIX WORD STORIES