Customised – SHORT STORY

I WAS FLYING. Academically. Monetarily. Socially. Well, maybe not socially. But here I was at the airport after a four hour departure delay, ready to sail through customs, to escape my tedious surroundings, wretched ex-girlfriends and somewhat more importantly, death. I approached in the silent queue, shuffling and staring to either side, trying to alleviate the… Continue reading Customised – SHORT STORY

Transylvanian Ambition – SHORT STORY

     THE SMILE REVEALED perfect teeth, the bottom row only, except for one disobedient, a crooked incisor, that made the owner regret not having braces when they were younger, that forced them to artificially move their lip in any photo as they smiled. Still, vampires weren't known for their vanity. Unperturbed, Ana Transylvescu was determined… Continue reading Transylvanian Ambition – SHORT STORY

Chasing Yesterday

Chasing yesterday Time has stolen her looks The mirror treats her, with disregard, She looks at it once, and it disappears in a blitz of shards So she doesn’t bother anymore, with the glitz and garb All that’s left are reminders of beauty in the films she’s starred, in Vanity consumes her daily, while unhappiness… Continue reading Chasing Yesterday

400th Blog Post

           WELL, 400 posts in, and about three years on from when I first ventured into the world of blogging and I have to say I'm extremely glad I decided to make an account. Here's my first ever post: 2006 finally caught up with me.. I had written quite a bit on and off… Continue reading 400th Blog Post

When Writing: What Is That?!

...WHAT THE HELL is that? Why do we read our writing over and think it is the latest bestseller in waiting and then upon re-reading it the next day, the text inspires nothing but disgust or at least disappointment? How can us writer's have such conflicting views over the exact same piece of text? How… Continue reading When Writing: What Is That?!

One Edit At a Time: Manuscript Finally Ready

Slowly, tortuously, ecstatically, indifferently. So many emotions swamp me when I think of the fifth edit of my manuscript, finally ready to find a home with a publisher. I alluded to this in a previous post, but once you finish the first ever manuscript, you are delighted and the clouds just about part...before rapidly resuming… Continue reading One Edit At a Time: Manuscript Finally Ready

Likes and Comments: Are They Working?

JUST A BRIEF POST. A fellow blogger said the Like and Comment features weren't working on WordPress mobile on this site. Anyone else have similar issues? I know from time to time WordPress is very glitchy, although generally I have zero issue when browsing blogs on the laptop, but using a tablet does give me… Continue reading Likes and Comments: Are They Working?

A Ramble on Writing: Thoughts and Things

...WRITER'S NEED INSPIRATION; conversations, observations, images, thoughts, feelings. Inevitably we run low on it from time to time. You've all seen the innumerable quotes littering the web by Author X or Author Y on how they write, what their routine is, the witty remarks captured on photographic backgrounds and they help, they do. But not… Continue reading A Ramble on Writing: Thoughts and Things