A Tentative Return

THAT'S THE SITE back online. I hope all you regulars are still blogging away. Four months since my last post. Time flies - or flew - for one reason or another. Not sure how many people still visit, but seems like WordPress has updated itself a bit and already I feel a bit lost. Not much a… Continue reading A Tentative Return

Weekly Six XXXII – Six Word Stories

ONE, TWO, THREE, four, five. I can't count much above that, but I'm fairly certain there are six words in each story, no more no less. Enjoy: Amicable divorce: hatred split fifty fifty. River bed, body found. Denim, stonewashed. Red carpet. No photographers, no premier. Blood diamond> Smugglers asshole>Wifes ears. Their arm slowly disappeared: sea hungry.… Continue reading Weekly Six XXXII – Six Word Stories

Weekly Six XXXI – Six Word Stories

MORE STORY FOR your money/ time. Well, yeah, time. Some more six word stories, the 31st edition. I've seemingly stockpiled six word stories like a country might with nuclear warheads whether the war is cold or not. Enjoy: 50 shots. None dead. Toy won. No angels, no snowmen: nuclear winter. Evolution reversing without mirrors. Phoneshop queues.… Continue reading Weekly Six XXXI – Six Word Stories

Weekly Six XXX – Six Word Stories

THE WEEK WHERE roman numerals are very, very easy to misinterpret... I'm still busy and settling so this it for now, I've been scribbling a bank of six worders all week at my new place, and doing some book editing. Hopefully normal WP service will resume shortly and I'll be reading your posts once more.… Continue reading Weekly Six XXX – Six Word Stories

Customised – SHORT STORY

I WAS FLYING. Academically. Monetarily. Socially. Well, maybe not socially. But here I was at the airport after a four hour departure delay, ready to sail through customs, to escape my tedious surroundings, wretched ex-girlfriends and somewhat more importantly, death. I approached in the silent queue, shuffling and staring to either side, trying to alleviate the… Continue reading Customised – SHORT STORY

Gone Fishing – SHORT STORY

  "HEY! Watch. This is how you kill a fish." Hoisting a rock up, he smashed it onto the head of the racing-green pike, life leaving quickly through the glass-like eye, but I swear I saw it, the thinnest wisps. Blood and scales dotted the picnic bench chosen as the place of sacrifice. "One more… Continue reading Gone Fishing – SHORT STORY

Hamilton vs Verniche – SHORT STORY

"TODAY WAS LONGER than yesterday!" announced Hamilton. "Impossible! All days are of equal lengths!" countered Professor Verniche. "To put it scientifically - BULLSHIT! Today, was undoubtedly longer. Some days are longer than others, the same as some days are shorter than others. You can't disprove it Verniche." Irritated by the impudence, Verniche grabbed a stump… Continue reading Hamilton vs Verniche – SHORT STORY

The East Wing – SHORT STORY

            WAS THIS HOW it ended? fluorescence. Glowing tumours. That's all I saw - barely conscious - knocking on deaths door and running away, pushed by medics along sodden corridors of bleach and antibiotics, a smell of familiarity unique to hospitals, sickness and death. Only the pensive faces of white coats and green blotted… Continue reading The East Wing – SHORT STORY