WELL FOLKS, this is the last weekly six for the forseeable future, but as soon as I get a chance to hop back online, I'll be at it once more on a regular basis. Enjoy: . Sent. Tracked. Delivered. Blackmail on time. Dinosaur omelette excellent. Relatives followed caveman. Shotgun wedding; no cake, three dead.… Continue reading Weekly Six XXIX – SIX WORD STORIES

Big Trouble in Little Time – SHORT STORY

EVER WATCHED A kung-fu movie? I used to watch them a lot as a kid, loving the fantastical tales of redemption replete with bad dubbing, outrageous stunts and frequently outlandish deaths. I wrote my own. Sort of: . "He must die!" Wei Ping, the Golden Bear stood defiantly in the middle of Tu Langs modest… Continue reading Big Trouble in Little Time – SHORT STORY


 WELCOME BACK TO the weekly six. And if it's your first time: welcome! Six words in total to tell a story. Why six you ask? Because five isn't enough. (Incidentally, Hemingway likely wasn't the genius behind the famous six word story about baby shoes):   Some circled. The rebellious vultures triangled. Dinner with parents. Thanks… Continue reading Weekly Six XVIII – SIX WORD STORIES


THE WEEKLY SIX, or half-fortnightly if you prefer has returned once more (it keeps doing that, I'm sorry) in an eclectic mix. Also if you have Tumblr, lionaroundwriting is my account on there (many of these go up on Tumblr first). Without further ado:   Hell Closed For Maintenance. Earth open. Alien marries earthling. Entire… Continue reading Weekly Six XXVII – SIX WORD STORIES

The Big Bang Theory Vanity Cards

      I DON'T WATCH much television but The Big Bang Theory is one of the best sit coms to make it to TV - period. Anyway, I'm not here to promote the show (like it needs it!) instead if like me, you might have noticed that after the end credits there is a brief note… Continue reading The Big Bang Theory Vanity Cards

They Don’t Use Doors – SHORT STORY

      WE WERE SICK of it all; the exploding cattle, the late night visits, and in light of the recent drought, the damage to our crops. Farmers have a way of making things happen. We gathered in the spacious and downright boastful barn of the Mueller's, big enough to park four combine harvesters, and have… Continue reading They Don’t Use Doors – SHORT STORY

A Dangerous Moment of Introspection

THE WRITER'S MIND and what surrounds it (or at least mine). Be mystified no more. Momentary lulls in conversation coupled with a distant stare are likely not because the company is boring, although it happens. There's a good chance a story idea or sentence has just appeared that needs to be remembered. Future excursions away… Continue reading A Dangerous Moment of Introspection

Blobular Eclipse – SHORT STORY

     IT CAME FROM outer space, and it was hungry! Really hungry! Nobody could have predicted it. Of course every prophet on earth said they'd had visions, and before you knew it parents were forcing their children to draw pictures of the monster after it’s arrival, as if they too had premonitions of such an… Continue reading Blobular Eclipse – SHORT STORY