Weekly Six XXXI – Six Word Stories

MORE STORY FOR your money/ time. Well, yeah, time. Some more six word stories, the 31st edition. I've seemingly stockpiled six word stories like a country might with nuclear warheads whether the war is cold or not. Enjoy: 50 shots. None dead. Toy won. No angels, no snowmen: nuclear winter. Evolution reversing without mirrors. Phoneshop queues.… Continue reading Weekly Six XXXI – Six Word Stories

Weekly Six XXX – Six Word Stories

THE WEEK WHERE roman numerals are very, very easy to misinterpret... I'm still busy and settling so this it for now, I've been scribbling a bank of six worders all week at my new place, and doing some book editing. Hopefully normal WP service will resume shortly and I'll be reading your posts once more.… Continue reading Weekly Six XXX – Six Word Stories

The Beginning of the End – SHORT STORY

  "I DIE, with integrity...," he gasped, blood running through fingers. Two bullets exited healed wounds, skin no longer red, holes non-existent. Back into the Glock chamber they spiralled, one by one, two bangs, until they rested in the magazine and the index finger went forwards as the trigger followed. "There are no guarantees in… Continue reading The Beginning of the End – SHORT STORY


I WAS HOMELESS, yet had the pick of the entire place. I'd ended up sleeping in a ghost town, everything brand new. Only, the fixtures didn't work; no water, no electricity. The manikins inside and out were unsettling, yet more of a family than I'd ever had. Science Today, the scrap I'd found said nuclear… Continue reading Half Life – SHORT STORY

Family Lunch – SHORT STORY

"Officials are calling it an industrial accident, and so far no casualties have been reported..”  I SAT DEVOURING the local news as well as my lunch, words lost through the noise of squelching, of mastication on my chicken sub, spilling bits of salad and mayo on the varnished grain kitchen table. “According to eye-witness reports… Continue reading Family Lunch – SHORT STORY

A Bird in the Sky (Is Worth Most) – SHORT STORY

       A FAINT DING. Nothing more, nothing less. An error had clearly been made. On closer inspection a dazed bird had announced it’s arrival, lying atop concrete slabs on the other side of the glass slide-door. I went outside, softly, squatting near it, noting the spotted brown feathers of the young blackbird and unremarkable black… Continue reading A Bird in the Sky (Is Worth Most) – SHORT STORY


“Where did you get that jacket?” To that question, he always replied, “Abroad,” while the more fashion savvy would ask, "Who are you wearing?". He preferred not to say. He walked through the throngs of civilised people, a manikin of normality. Dark jeans, plain blue cotton shirt, short sleeves. Nobody saw his eyes that darted… Continue reading Skin – SHORT STORY

A Message Through the Ages – SHORT STORY

I OPENED THE WINDOW. I wasn't imagining it. The voice was louder. Straining my ears, bending them into shapes to pick up the sound, I listened trying to drown out all else, holding the cooing pigeons under until they became silent, until the prattle of rain on the skylight became so quiet as if each… Continue reading A Message Through the Ages – SHORT STORY