Around the World by Horse and Caravan: A Record Breaking Journey

I've been holding this story back awhile - non-fiction this time. Originally an attempt at getting the journey below into Wikipedia the resulting article is what you see. I went on this record breaking journey around the world with my family by horse and caravan starting in 1990. The First Around the World by Horse Drawn… Continue reading Around the World by Horse and Caravan: A Record Breaking Journey


             FUNNY HOW EVEN the most routine days can throw up a surprise. I delayed going for a run/walk after watching and being strangely drawn into the world of archery and ping pong at the Rio Olympics. Finally, I turned the TV off, got my running gear on and headed out the door on… Continue reading Run/Walk/Sheep

Characters that Resonate Make Writing Easier

      HAVE YOU NOTICED when your character(s) have identifiable characteristics and traits, that when they are truly definitive as individuals (like the cast of super heroes above) they become so much more easy to write? - and thereby so does the story. I have a character in mind from my current WIP: a sheriff (no… Continue reading Characters that Resonate Make Writing Easier

Literary Agent: Another Step Toward Writer Status

I've been a little AWOL recently, tracking down literary agents, compiling lists and readying my book for submission. Normal service will resume shortly 🙂 ...ONCE YOU HAVE ripped your eyeballs out numerous times, popped them back in, ocassionally mixing one up with a marble, all during the editing stage of a book, you are ready… Continue reading Literary Agent: Another Step Toward Writer Status

A Ramble on Writing: Thoughts and Things

...WRITER'S NEED INSPIRATION; conversations, observations, images, thoughts, feelings. Inevitably we run low on it from time to time. You've all seen the innumerable quotes littering the web by Author X or Author Y on how they write, what their routine is, the witty remarks captured on photographic backgrounds and they help, they do. But not… Continue reading A Ramble on Writing: Thoughts and Things

If You’re Into Submission…Short Stories

...HERE ARE SOME more links for all those short stories you want to relinquish to the dark murky void of the inbetween, that place where your emails go, between you clicking send, and the editor receiving it. Of all the short story submission site lists, Richard Thomas on LitReactor has provided the most exhaustive by… Continue reading If You’re Into Submission…Short Stories

Unpublished Author: On Writing – Secrets of Success

...THE MOST VALUABLE nuggets of wisdom and pieces of advice I have painstakingly compiled over three years. Breathe deeply. And again. You are as ready as you ever will be. Make sure you know your audience. Aiming your book at U.S. President's past and present? Great! The more specific the better. That gives you at… Continue reading Unpublished Author: On Writing – Secrets of Success