Customised – SHORT STORY

I WAS FLYING. Academically. Monetarily. Socially. Well, maybe not socially. But here I was at the airport after a four hour departure delay, ready to sail through customs, to escape my tedious surroundings, wretched ex-girlfriends and somewhat more importantly, death. I approached in the silent queue, shuffling and staring to either side, trying to alleviate the… Continue reading Customised – SHORT STORY

The Beginning of the End – SHORT STORY

  "I DIE, with integrity...," he gasped, blood running through fingers. Two bullets exited healed wounds, skin no longer red, holes non-existent. Back into the Glock chamber they spiralled, one by one, two bangs, until they rested in the magazine and the index finger went forwards as the trigger followed. "There are no guarantees in… Continue reading The Beginning of the End – SHORT STORY


THE RETURN OF the weekly six! Sometimes late, but always on time. This weeks collection from my Tumblr (LionAroundWriting) is best described as miscellaneous. For those unfamiliar with six word stories they are inspired by Ernest Hemingway's, 'For sale: baby shoes, never worn.'   Murdered in a dream. Pillow bloody.. Parental Advisory: Kids spill your… Continue reading Weekly Six IX- SIX WORD STORIES

Pear Shaped – SHORT STORY

"WELCOME MR. PATTERSON, to Pear headquarters, I'm Sheena!" She looked every part the PR woman, a smile for a face, glinting eyes and dressed immaculately in matching garb. I would. We shook hands then she led the way through a recently polished revolving door into the main building. A lackey of some sort followed her… Continue reading Pear Shaped – SHORT STORY

I Think I’m Learning Japanese – SHORT STORY

...SICK OF NETFLIX BINGES. Vomitous at the price of alcohol. Puking from superfluous dalliances with two faced friends, or the never ending cycle, of meaningless likes and comments on social media. Retching at the thought of my ex whoring herself on Tinder. It was time to do something constructive, something that had meaning beyond a… Continue reading I Think I’m Learning Japanese – SHORT STORY

Doctor No. No! – SHORT STORY

DOC HAD LISTENED for twenty minutes as I reeled off my symptoms, interrupting none times. "Ok. I'm going to prescribe you a holiday in the Caribbean. Let me print off the tickets...You have a valid passport?" "Yes! How did you know? It's in my pocket! You're incredible. Really! That's exactly what I need." "I'll also… Continue reading Doctor No. No! – SHORT STORY

Odd – Short Story

   Ksshhhkk! The CB burst into life again. "Another one? Yep. Rosalita Avenue? House 46. Mhhm. Three of them?! We might have to call in the big guns." Sitting at the helm of the police car, Rick Valente looked over at his partner Danzig, sighing, eyebrows raised, that What can you do? look they both… Continue reading Odd – Short Story

The Chef’s Special

   "HOW IS YOUR meal?" I asked with a rehearsed smile on my face, tensing my routine muscle group. Much of the food had disappeared. Four of them sat there, stuffing their mouths, three men and a woman, possibly all related on account of their manners. The restaurant was winding down for the night they were the… Continue reading The Chef’s Special