Family Lunch – SHORT STORY

"Officials are calling it an industrial accident, and so far no casualties have been reported..”  I SAT DEVOURING the local news as well as my lunch, words lost through the noise of squelching, of mastication on my chicken sub, spilling bits of salad and mayo on the varnished grain kitchen table. “According to eye-witness reports… Continue reading Family Lunch – SHORT STORY

Critical Mass: First Draft

      I'M AIMING FOR around 80,000 words on my first draft of Down To Earth (that leaves me 10k to add in). Currently I'm at seventy, and the story is at that critical stage where everything is starting to tie in. All the characters are arcing towards the finale and the plot is suddenly primed… Continue reading Critical Mass: First Draft

A Critical Stage of Writing

      THERE COMES A point where writing a book becomes tricky. Starting is sometimes the difficult part for some, but once a really good idea sticks I find the initial outpouring of ideas into a new story world creates its own momentum blasting into space carrying everything with it. That spell of creativity is the… Continue reading A Critical Stage of Writing

The Skinny – SHORT STORY

            DETECTIVE BAINES WAS late to the scene, a reflection of his jaded ways. Instead of raising the police tape around the crime scene he ripped it before stepping through. Two police cars were parked on the pavement, their contents milling around a body on the ground, the same uniform faces Baines had seen… Continue reading The Skinny – SHORT STORY

A Long Way to Fall – SHORT STORY

“Why didn’t he just kill himself?” They raised a knowing eyebrow, concentrating on the ‘road’ as the headlights shot the dark until it bled halogen. “Well?” “Honour.” That one word killed the noise of the car as they flew away from Osaka into the mountains, a myriad of searching lights behind them spat from the… Continue reading A Long Way to Fall – SHORT STORY

Cloud Breaker IX Finale – SHORT STORY

     AS THE WIND shrieked hellish past the gap in the glass, I fumbled in my pockets for more red shells, reloading the shot guns once more, as Mike stood looking at the square shaped abyss, signs of life in him yet, if only the look of fear. I strung the guns together with the… Continue reading Cloud Breaker IX Finale – SHORT STORY

Writing: Works In Progress

     Live from the interwebs, from no semblance of a studio with me Fionn Grant, this evenings news or morning or afternoon depending on your location...       APART FROM WRITING short stories and posting ideas on writing what else have I been up to? For starters my first finished manuscript As Yet To Be Titled… Continue reading Writing: Works In Progress

Never Trust Someone To Do a Job You Wouldn’t Do Yourself – SHORT STORY

THERE WERE ONLY THREE OF US. Our boss, CEO of Magnaforge, Al Denio, was sitting at the end of the table shaped like a giant surfboard, some thirty feet away from us, stroking his white beard. I continued. "It's only a matter of time before the trail leads back to you. Sir, you can't keep… Continue reading Never Trust Someone To Do a Job You Wouldn’t Do Yourself – SHORT STORY