Weekly Six XXXII – Six Word Stories

ONE, TWO, THREE, four, five. I can't count much above that, but I'm fairly certain there are six words in each story, no more no less. Enjoy: Amicable divorce: hatred split fifty fifty. River bed, body found. Denim, stonewashed. Red carpet. No photographers, no premier. Blood diamond> Smugglers asshole>Wifes ears. Their arm slowly disappeared: sea hungry.… Continue reading Weekly Six XXXII – Six Word Stories

Gone Fishing – SHORT STORY

  "HEY! Watch. This is how you kill a fish." Hoisting a rock up, he smashed it onto the head of the racing-green pike, life leaving quickly through the glass-like eye, but I swear I saw it, the thinnest wisps. Blood and scales dotted the picnic bench chosen as the place of sacrifice. "One more… Continue reading Gone Fishing – SHORT STORY

Don’t Exercise Your Demons, Kill Them! – SHORT STORY

THE FRONT DOOR swung open, battering against the outside wall in the fury of the maelstrom beyond. Standing there, caked in mud, he stood motionless, staring beyond me, a yellow handled axe an extension of his being, as if cut, dripping blood onto the linoleum. His eyes were dead, circled by dark patches and blood… Continue reading Don’t Exercise Your Demons, Kill Them! – SHORT STORY

I Gave It Away – Short Story

I GAVE AWAY one time: amazed when I received five in return. I had more time than I knew what to do with. So I gave away some more in optimism, its self wrapped in a blanket of naivety. Nothing. Well, not nothing. I lost time. In a state of negative time, the logical solution… Continue reading I Gave It Away – Short Story

After the rain has gone

2315AD RAIN HAD FALLEN for a year. From the heavens, from the stars, drilling earthward incessantly, as if trying to drown out civilisation with the uncomfortable permanence of a misspelt tattoo. We wanted H2o, and by god we had it, on the only habitable planet other than Earth, itself a distant intergalactic memory, that only… Continue reading After the rain has gone

Picturing Justice

   THE MAN I was looking at, that the entire courtroom was watching, looked like any other man. In a sharp blue suit and crisp white shirt, he was better presented than his lawyer. Being cross examined, he had been cool and spoke in a clipped accent, fluent and steady. I couldn't picture him covered… Continue reading Picturing Justice

The Shining – POEM

A repost to take the edge off autumn 🙂 The Shining Ra's rays cascade, A dying star, firing Vitamin D past my face, All the way beyond, to the grass blades, On which I lie, denying them the promiscuous light, It wins every staring contest, ridiculous, too bright So I close my eyes, absorbing it's… Continue reading The Shining – POEM