Weekly Six XXXI – Six Word Stories

MORE STORY FOR your money/ time. Well, yeah, time. Some more six word stories, the 31st edition. I've seemingly stockpiled six word stories like a country might with nuclear warheads whether the war is cold or not. Enjoy: 50 shots. None dead. Toy won. No angels, no snowmen: nuclear winter. Evolution reversing without mirrors. Phoneshop queues.… Continue reading Weekly Six XXXI – Six Word Stories

WordPress App Issues

WordPress always works fine on the laptop. But every damn time WordPress updates their app for tablets something goes screwy. Anyone else have these issues?: I couldn't scroll down through my custom reader list beyond the top 20 posts. A whole bunch of blogs I never followed are now clogging up my custom reader list… Continue reading WordPress App Issues

Grimwaldt’s Choice – SHORT STORY

       MY BLOOD HAD frozen. I was as sure of that, as I was that I would freeze to death. Come spring, a forensics team would paw over my defrosted body. But only if the wolves or bears let me be. Morbid thoughts. Were they a sign I was resigned to the end? - or… Continue reading Grimwaldt’s Choice – SHORT STORY


      TECHNICALLY IT'S WEDNESDAY in Scotland. And as a result here are some more six word stories in this 26th edition. In keeping with tradition of the last few posts, please add your own if you feel inclined.   Monster caught. Chalk outline miles long. Rhinoceros robbed. The piano forever off-key.. Fishing boat drifting, empty.… Continue reading Weekly Six XXVI – SIX WORD STORIES

Let’s Get Semantic

      FEELING INTELLECTUAL? If yes proceed. If no click anyway. Language is a given developmental upgrade. How we say something, and what we say may seem plain and straight forward on the surface, but never one to settle for initial appearances, I like to look into the nuances of words and phrases. Semantics is a… Continue reading Let’s Get Semantic


      THE TWENTY FIFTH  edition of the weekly six brings a cavalcade of stories in a range of genres. Enjoy the six word story format inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s, ‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn‘ from the 1920’s. And if you feel like adding in your own in the comments, please go for it.  … Continue reading Weekly Six XXV – SIX WORD STORIES

Sci Fi Books of Another Era

        THE ABOVE BOOKS represent an entirely different era, of pulpy paperbacks and seeming editorial liberty, where 50p (approx 25c) could snag you a read in the sixties. I picked these up in a book shop (it was no coincidence) some while back and I'm going on a mini retro sci fi kick. Harry… Continue reading Sci Fi Books of Another Era


      A WEEK CAN fly by. How is that possible? I'm not here to debate time and existence or reality as we know it. Instead enjoy the six word stories inspired by Ernest Hemingway's, 'For sale: baby shoes, never worn' from the 1920's. As is frequently the case my stories are dark or horror in… Continue reading Weekly Six XXIV – SIX WORD STORIES