WELL FOLKS, this is the last weekly six for the forseeable future, but as soon as I get a chance to hop back online, I'll be at it once more on a regular basis. Enjoy: . Sent. Tracked. Delivered. Blackmail on time. Dinosaur omelette excellent. Relatives followed caveman. Shotgun wedding; no cake, three dead.… Continue reading Weekly Six XXIX – SIX WORD STORIES


 WELCOME BACK TO the weekly six. And if it's your first time: welcome! Six words in total to tell a story. Why six you ask? Because five isn't enough. (Incidentally, Hemingway likely wasn't the genius behind the famous six word story about baby shoes):   Some circled. The rebellious vultures triangled. Dinner with parents. Thanks… Continue reading Weekly Six XVIII – SIX WORD STORIES


THE WEEKLY SIX, or half-fortnightly if you prefer has returned once more (it keeps doing that, I'm sorry) in an eclectic mix. Also if you have Tumblr, lionaroundwriting is my account on there (many of these go up on Tumblr first). Without further ado:   Hell Closed For Maintenance. Earth open. Alien marries earthling. Entire… Continue reading Weekly Six XXVII – SIX WORD STORIES

Sci Fi Books of Another Era

        THE ABOVE BOOKS represent an entirely different era, of pulpy paperbacks and seeming editorial liberty, where 50p (approx 25c) could snag you a read in the sixties. I picked these up in a book shop (it was no coincidence) some while back and I'm going on a mini retro sci fi kick. Harry… Continue reading Sci Fi Books of Another Era

Blobular Eclipse – SHORT STORY

     IT CAME FROM outer space, and it was hungry! Really hungry! Nobody could have predicted it. Of course every prophet on earth said they'd had visions, and before you knew it parents were forcing their children to draw pictures of the monster after it’s arrival, as if they too had premonitions of such an… Continue reading Blobular Eclipse – SHORT STORY

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – BOOK REVIEW

THE STORY COULD be utterly dreadful, and I'd still love Philip K. Dick, if only for the best book title I know of. Inspired. To business: Clocking in at only 210 pages it didn't take me long to read. I'd never read a book by the author before but this novel has been on my… Continue reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – BOOK REVIEW

Baby Face?

I CROUCHED DOWN looking into the black pram which sat alone without mother: an expectant expression unfurling on my face, best described as a diet smile. The way the sunlight shone meant my vision was hampered. My squinting eyes traced back and forth trying to spot the chubby white over-sized head in the depths. Peering closer,… Continue reading Baby Face?