A Tentative Return

THAT'S THE SITE back online. I hope all you regulars are still blogging away. Four months since my last post. Time flies - or flew - for one reason or another. Not sure how many people still visit, but seems like WordPress has updated itself a bit and already I feel a bit lost. Not much a… Continue reading A Tentative Return

Weekly Six XXXII – Six Word Stories

ONE, TWO, THREE, four, five. I can't count much above that, but I'm fairly certain there are six words in each story, no more no less. Enjoy: Amicable divorce: hatred split fifty fifty. River bed, body found. Denim, stonewashed. Red carpet. No photographers, no premier. Blood diamond> Smugglers asshole>Wifes ears. Their arm slowly disappeared: sea hungry.… Continue reading Weekly Six XXXII – Six Word Stories

When Writing: What Is That?!

...WHAT THE HELL is that? Why do we read our writing over and think it is the latest bestseller in waiting and then upon re-reading it the next day, the text inspires nothing but disgust or at least disappointment? How can us writer's have such conflicting views over the exact same piece of text? How… Continue reading When Writing: What Is That?!

He Believed in Folktales – POEM

He Believed in Folktales Silver hair ruffles As a gust of death ardently blows, Skin and bones Arthritis and moans, Knowing the best days have gone Simply hardens his woes.   Strides now shuffles The body wonders if it’s out of date, Hands shake, skin is opaque Ordeals eating meals, & dentures can’t even tackle… Continue reading He Believed in Folktales – POEM

Lists of your favourite bloggers

...SOMEHOW IT TOOK three years to figure out that I could create a list of my favourite bloggers, essentially meaning that I had a WordPress Reader page dedicated to the blogs I always want to read, instead of the generic Reader that shows all blogs followed.  For those out the loop, here's how to get… Continue reading Lists of your favourite bloggers

Got Any Squawk? Short Story

   Squawk. That's all my buddies talked about. Do you want some? Do you need some? Yeah you need some! More importantly, do you have some? I never did. When not in person, I'd imagine their faces turning sour on the end of the line, or sense the disappointment in a replied text when I… Continue reading Got Any Squawk? Short Story

More Vampire!

How I imagine old publishers: I want something new! Something fresh and exciting! - not the same old drivel! How I imagine current day publishers: I want the same! More of the same! More vampires, more serial killers, more apocalyptic young adult fiction! Mooooorrrreee!