Around the World by Horse and Caravan: A Record Breaking Journey

I've been holding this story┬áback awhile - non-fiction this time. Originally an attempt at getting the journey below into Wikipedia the resulting article is what you see. I went on this record breaking journey around the world with my family by horse and caravan starting in 1990. The First Around the World by Horse Drawn… Continue reading Around the World by Horse and Caravan: A Record Breaking Journey

The Road Ahead – SHORT STORY

HOW LONG HAD I been building it? Seldom, I'd stop to ask myself that. It brought back only pain. Although that wasn't strictly true. Shovel after shovel, I kept digging, barrow after barrow of gravel, I unloaded, truck after trucks of tarmac, I laid, all by my own rough calloused hands. Looking back, I saw… Continue reading The Road Ahead – SHORT STORY

The Grand Voyage!

...OR MID-DISTANCE┬ácar trip. I know which one I like the sound of. I'll be away for a week from civilisation, if civilisation can be defined as the presence of wi-fi, a coffee shop nearby and neighbours you never knew existed despite them having lived directly below you for years. I don't think I'll be posting… Continue reading The Grand Voyage!