Around the World by Horse and Caravan: A Record Breaking Journey

I've been holding this story back awhile - non-fiction this time. Originally an attempt at getting the journey below into Wikipedia the resulting article is what you see. I went on this record breaking journey around the world with my family by horse and caravan starting in 1990. The First Around the World by Horse Drawn… Continue reading Around the World by Horse and Caravan: A Record Breaking Journey

If Looks Could Kill – SHORT STORY

...COCOA-SKINNED LOCALS watched me, flat lipped and glistening eyes, perched on the edges of their open plan huts. My translator was discussing something with an elder twenty feet away, wrapped in loose clothing cataracts forming the centre piece for wrinkled skin. The old man waved his crude walking stick, his voice raised, my translator who… Continue reading If Looks Could Kill – SHORT STORY

Night Bus

I WAVE THE day ticket at the uninterested driver. For all he knows, it's a piece of plain paper. The automaticity of his job, the rote part of the brain doesn't register on the night bus. A home to silent humans, allowing the bumps and noises of the machine to be the soundtrack. Looking space is… Continue reading Night Bus

Travelling to write

John Adair's book The Art of Creative Thinking is a brilliant but short and concise summary, of how to be creative and the  importance it holds in life. There are a few gem quotes in there. Travelling is like gambling; it is never connected with winning and losing, and generally where least expected we receive… Continue reading Travelling to write