Goodbye For Now

How long is a piece of string? How long, is a goodbye? It depends, seems like the most reasonable answer. I'm moving and I'll be without laptop and internet for the forseeable future, although I'm sure I'll find somewhere to get online and stay up to date with all my favourite blogs. I'm not sure… Continue reading Goodbye For Now

The Beginning of the End – SHORT STORY

  "I DIE, with integrity...," he gasped, blood running through fingers. Two bullets exited healed wounds, skin no longer red, holes non-existent. Back into the Glock chamber they spiralled, one by one, two bangs, until they rested in the magazine and the index finger went forwards as the trigger followed. "There are no guarantees in… Continue reading The Beginning of the End – SHORT STORY

Gone Fishing – SHORT STORY

  "HEY! Watch. This is how you kill a fish." Hoisting a rock up, he smashed it onto the head of the racing-green pike, life leaving quickly through the glass-like eye, but I swear I saw it, the thinnest wisps. Blood and scales dotted the picnic bench chosen as the place of sacrifice. "One more… Continue reading Gone Fishing – SHORT STORY

Let’s Get Semantic

      FEELING INTELLECTUAL? If yes proceed. If no click anyway. Language is a given developmental upgrade. How we say something, and what we say may seem plain and straight forward on the surface, but never one to settle for initial appearances, I like to look into the nuances of words and phrases. Semantics is a… Continue reading Let’s Get Semantic

There’s No Arghh In Pirate – SHORT STORY

Nam H. Nguyen (find him at Reality Through Fiction) and myself collaborated on this story, a bit of pirate fun 🙂 Enjoy! ====================================================       THE MARY JANE wasn’t like any other pirate ship. Where others were fast, as they were small, and could manoeuvre to their success, the Mary Jane was fat and grotesque. Unable… Continue reading There’s No Arghh In Pirate – SHORT STORY

Day Release – SHORT STORY

            HE SAT AND he wrote; books, poems and stories short. What nobody knew, is that he wrote more in his mind than ever hit paper or screen. Phantasmagoric lines, out of this world, yet not alien, each one that never made it to the physical world died, and went to a… Continue reading Day Release – SHORT STORY

Writing: Originality vs Formula

     I FEEL THAT the writing process is a continual conflict between being original and retreading old ground. The catch is, that nothing is truly original. In music the same notes are used over and over again just in different combinations. Luckily with the English language we have hundreds of thousands of ways to tell… Continue reading Writing: Originality vs Formula

Networking. Let’s do it!

...JUST ABOUT EVERYONE has a Zuckerberg account, I mean Facebook, and / or Twitter on their blog page, but it's easy to just come here for the excellent blog posts and totally, entirely, absolutely forget to network, after all that is what all writing is about; 90% social media, 10% actual writing. Isn't it?! Maths… Continue reading Networking. Let’s do it!