The Year in Books – 2016

Andre AgassiOpen    Outstanding autobiography even if you’re not into tennis.

Bill BrysonThe Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid   For the nostalgics.

Dennis RodmanBad As I Wanna Be    Candid thoughts from the Chicago Bull.

Kevin BridgesWe Need to Talk About Kevin    Scottish comedians rise to fame.

Bori PraperCynicism Management: 1   Brilliant characters and commentary on modern life. Fantastic debut novel.

Linwood BarclayNo Safe House    A page turner. Nice angle on the thriller genre.

Caroline Taggart500 Words You Should Know   Dipping in and out of

M.R. JamesGhost Stories   Old; torturous to read.

Stuart EversTen Stories About Smoking    Boring. Disjointed. Not even about smoking.

Stories On the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors   Some great stories!

Charles DickensGhost Stories   Some excellent stories, the writing still suprisingly fresh.

Don MassenzioBlood Orange   Great premise, great read, well paced.

Bori PraperPendulum PetCynicism Management 2   Another great read from Bori following up from the brilliant Cynicism Management.

George OrwellAnimal Farm   Second time reading it. Still fantastic.

Adam JohnsonEmporium: Stories    Three good stories, the rest forgettable, self indulgent, self satisfying.

Dean KoontzBreathless   My first Koontz read. Hugely disappointed. Plotless mess.

Andy McNabCrisis Four    Poor pacing. Some solid writing. 200 pages too long.

David GaughranLet’s Get Digital    If you’re self publishing read it.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez100 Years of Solitude   From 5 to 3 stars. Initial brilliance let down by ‘boring’ final third and name confusion.

Stephen KingCell    Great first half, dwindled a little towards end but still a great read.

Phillip K. DickDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?   Excellent. Still thinking about it. Best book this year.

 Harlan CobenMissing You    Got half way through. That was enough. 2D characters, boring plot. Expected way more.

Stephen King  – On Writing     Excellent, feels like a comfortable chat with the master himself. Great insight into his ‘becoming’. Actual writing advice fairly standard.

Matt Kincade – The Devil’s Mouth      A fellow blogger; if you like vampires read it. Excellent.

Paula HawkinsThe Girl on the Train    Majorly overhyped. I mean severely. Read something better in the genre.

James HerbertThe Secret of Crickley Hall      A slow start, but once it gets going really well written. Not scary but plenty great images and great storytelling. A bit bloated in terms of length.

Jefferey DeaverTwisted    Excellent. Only two duff short stories out of sixteen. Great pacing, great twists and polished writing.

Philip K DickThe Unteleported Man    Excellent imagination, brilliant plot and perfectly balanced, 124 pages of great sci fi.

Harry HarrisonThe Men From P.I.G. and R.O.B.O.T.    Two 60~ page stories. Enjoyable quick read.

Vincent Mars – 50 Word Stories     Another blogger with incredible skills. Fantastic collection.

C.S. BoyackThe Experimental Notebook    Currently Reading…


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