The Year in Books 2017/2018


Bruce ThomasBruce Lee: Fighting Spirit – Brilliantly researched, delving into Bruce’s rise to fame and the heavy cost he paid: with his own life. Also dispels plenty myths along the way. Excellent.

Phil JacksonEleven Rings – A blend of spiritualism, leadership ideas, and insights into coaching the Bulls and Lakers. Engaging and enlightening.

Phillip K. DickThe Man in the High Castle – currently reading

Philip RothAmerican Pastoral – DNF

Ranulph Fiennes  – Mad Dogs & Englishmen – Excellent read. Great insight into British history.

Dean Karnazes Ultra Marathon Man – Incredible insight into the madness of torture through long distance running.

Michael LewisFlash Boys – Consistently great writer on subject of stock market manipulation.

Oliver James – Not in Your Genes – More evidence that mental illness is caused environmentally, NOT inherited.

Raymond CarverWill You Please Be Quiet, Please? – Excellent writer, so glad I finally read some of his works, this one a selection of short stories.



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