TV Series – Watched and Vaguely Rated

LOST – Until the last two seasons, great to watch, still one of the best series made.

Suits – Fantastic dialogue, tremendous cast, probably the only lawyers you’ll like.

Short Poppies – Daft series of characters played by Rhys Darby in this mockumentary, if you like him, you’ll like it.

Flight of the Conchords – Incredibly catchy and funny songs, New Zealands finest export since…..?

Fringe – Paranormal in theme, slightly predictable, a little too much faux-science, but highly watchable.

Derek – Surprisingly heart breaking and emotional story about autism; Ricky Gervais largely nails it.

The IT Crowd – My favourite TV series ever. In a word, hilarious. In two, fucking funny.

Alan Partridge – The man the myth the Partridge, still incredibly funny despite its age.

Blue Planet – Attenborough gets his scuba kit on, metaphorically of course. BBC + David= brilliance.

American Horror Story – Gripping from the start, I’m too scared to go beyond Episode 3.

Game of Thrones – Fantastically realised series with great characters. George R. R. Martin’s books are now alive.

Black Books – Dylan Moran, Bill Bailley & Tamsin Greig in a book shop: What more could you ask for?

Utopia – A great original series from Channel 4, intriguing and engrossing, it’s weird with a twist or five.

Black Mirror Trilogy – Charlie Brooker tells us some dark tales, futuristic, thought provoking, with comedic undertones.

Portlandia – Portland, Oregon has a lot to live up to thanks to this FOTC-esque series. Quirky but original.

Episodes – Really underrated show with Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greig and ‘Joey’ aka Matt LeBlanc as himself – hilarious.

Family Guy – I was a fan until the tenth season, then it all became a bit samey. Brilliant humour nonetheless.

Cardinal Burns – The best British comedy show in years.

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