Useful Links For Writers

   I’LL BE ADDING in helpful links as I find them, centred around publishing online, submitting stories or otherwise. Any helpful links? Let me know.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Publication rights that is. First serial rights? First electronic rights? Find out what publishers are asking and what you are prepared to give them.

David Gaughran’s blog with great information for the digital publisher in particular.

Gary Smailes TEDx talk (above) is a fantastic presentation on the myths of publishing and provides a wake up call for wannabe writers and the realities inherent in actually becoming successful, starting from nothing.

Want some great advice as well as articles on writing technique from someone of the calibre of Chuck Palahnuik? Check out Lit Reactor

Taking time to chill out is important. You can keep it in the writing sphere by listening to Mur Lafferty’s brilliant award winning podcast I Should Be Writing. She’s been through all the tribulations you and I have, and offers great insight and advice across the spectrum.

UK Story Markets: Although some may be defunct there’s a fantastic list of available places to submit your work, some paid, some not.

Short Story Contests 2016: some free to enter, others charge a fee.

A great cluster of links through Writer’s Relief covering everything, including publishing tips from short stories to novels.

A solid list of 25 excellent places to submit your short stories and get paid!

An incredible up to date list of short story markets at

Want to connect with past masters? Look no further than The Paris Review and in depth interviews with some of the best writers of the last 100 years.

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