Yes, Sir!


I wrote this several years ago.

Yes, Sir!

Join the army? You must be barmy!

Is my head as hollow as a shell from your gun, a calami?

Why would I voluntarily, put myself in a place where bullets can harm me?


Yet thousands sign, barely ledgible, calmly, for camouflage and guns

But I see them for what they are; misled daughters and sons.

Once the slaughter has begun, maybe then, they’ll see their mistake,

With vermillion Afghani civillians killed in their wake.

And some will die as mums’ll cry, as the blood spills from their fate

No politician would want to take part, let alone send their kin

Yet they’ll gladly expend naive people, and send them in.


When the blood’s shed and the landscape is blood red

There’ll always be more to replace it & there’s never enough dead

I feel no sorrow for the shot soldier whose body turns ever colder

Fighting for democracy under the imperial flag,

A legacy of ‘Killed in Action’ in a government folder.

There are no heroes of invasions, please stop giving out medals

For every soldier killed, a thousand civillians are murdered in the wars,

in which the U.S and Britain meddles.


False patriots fighting for a flag which blows in the winds of lands that we grab

Meanwhile there’s thousands of children who’ll never have a dad

Now that’s both sad and bad; troops aren’t you glad?

You gave them a life they never had

One without parents or a family.


But there’s nothing more heroic than a dead soldier is there?

6 thoughts on “Yes, Sir!

  1. I think it very pertinent and of the time and loaded, pardon that. So it will be accepted. Worthy entry.

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    1. ,,,waiting moderation prob due to being snowed under…and/or it sucks… it doesn’t cut the mustard aargh…

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      1. Probably because it sucks tbh lol

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      2. nah, had to google tbh

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    2. Thanks,much appreciated. I think a lot of people who read it will get the wrong idea. I’ll see how it goes ☺


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